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Traditional Mass Interconnect Technology
Setting the Standard for Mass Interconnect

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TITAN sets the standard for Mass Interconnect performance, configuration modularity and long term reliability. TITAN has been designed to offer exceptional configuration flexibility for use with any ATE platform and offers unparalleled I/O density coupled with the widest selection of contact types available for Mass Interconnect.


Customer Benefits In Using TITAN:
  • Rugged Mass Interconnect
  • High I/O density offerings
  • Can utilize signal, power, coax, fiber optic, and pneumatic contacts within a single TITAN system interface


The TITAN series mass interconnect comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate most test type architectures.  Click on the links below to view each of our TITAN density configurations.

TITAN HZ is the latest member of the TITAN family. Configured in a horizontal format, the TITAN Hz is a perfect choice for applications that require a lower profile interface or for interfacing to bed of nails test fixtures.

TITAN HZ features:

  • Low Profile
  • Up to 12 Horizontally Mounted TITAN Modules
  • Up to 2400 Signal Connections
  • Combine High Density Signal I/O with Power and Coax
  • Horizontal Configuration With Integrated 11 inch Test Fixture Shelf Standard
  • Ideal Interface for Bed of Nails Fixture Applications
  • Configure With Engagement Handle on the Left or Right Side of the Receiver


   modules support a wide variety of signal types including HD signal, power, coax and pneumatic. Click the links below to explore our different module families that work with TITAN.



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TITAN signal contacts are one of the main differentiators when it comes to what makes TITAN stand out. With a 1mm cross section
the 1mm signal contacts offer superior electrical performance over traditional 0.6mm contacts and is significantly stronger; more than 300% stronger, making it far less susceptible to damage in the real world.
  • 1mm signal contact provides 5 amps, continuous
  • 300% stronger


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Our pneumatic contacts are designed to fit into any module that is compatible with any “mini” coax or power contact position; this means that all three are interchangeable and inter-mixable within the same module.

  • Made of Brass 360 Material
  • Maximum working pressure: 100 PSI
  • Cycle Life:  20,000


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TITAN Supports both micro and mini power coax contacts.  Details below:

  • Micro-power contact – 25 amps continuous
  • Mini-power contacts – 50 amps continuous

Pre-Wired/Terminated Contacts for Modules

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Our Custom Patch Cord Configurator "Easy Cable" helps to define a set of contacts and customer defined wire and wire length to terminate to.



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We carry both micro and mini coax contacts. Details below:

  • Micro-coax contact – 2 GHZ 50 ohms
  • Mini-coax contact- up to 1.5 GHZ 50 ohms


TITAN supports the use of custom designed or a prefabricated ITAs, whichever fits your needs the best.  Check our Wiring Services for help on any custom wiring needed on your project.

ITA Frames

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TITAN ITA Frames come in either 2, 5, 10, 15, 25 and dual tier slot configurations and are machined from rugged stainless steel and aluminum material.

ITA Enclosures

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TITAN supports 2, 5, 10, 15, and 25 slot COT enclosures.

Optional features include:

  • Hinged Access
  • Recessed Handles for easy handling

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