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APEX connectors are designed to provide optimum performance in small I/O test and measurement applications. APEX connector modules are unmatched for strength, stability and performance when compared to the typical molded plastic alternatives. APEX aluminum back shells are designed to truly withstand the rigors of real-life applications. When performance and reliability are your primary metrics, APEX is the right choice.

APEX is available in a variety of configurations, offering HD signal, coax and power options.


APEX Signal Contacts are Stronger

400% Stronger

At the heart of the APEX performance is MAC Panel’s unique 1mm signal contact. With a 1mm cross section it offers superior electrical performance over the traditional standard 0.6mm contacts and is significantly stronger; in fact, more than 400% stronger, making it far less susceptible to damage in real world applications.

From 1 to 360

APEX Supports any number of signal contact densities – from 1 all the way up to 360.


96 Signal Contacts

156 Signal Contacts

216 Signal Contacts

260 Signal Contacts

360 Signal Contacts

More Than Just Signal

Signal + Power + Coax
APEX Hybrid offers the ability to utilize our signal, power, and coaxial contacts all in one footprint.

 provides 5 amps, continuous


Micro-power contact – 25 amps continuous
Mini-power contacts – 50 amps continuous


Micro-coax contact – 2 GHZ 50 ohms
Mini-coax contact- up to 1.5 GHZ 50 ohms

Hybrid 80/20

Receives up to 80 signal contacts.

Combination of up to 20 micro coax and power contacts

Hybrid 220/20

Receives up to 220 signal contacts.

Combination of up to 20 mini coax and power contacts

Available in Crimp and PCB Mount

All APEX styles have the ability to have their contacts to terminate via Crimp or PCB. 

If PCB is necessary:

  • We recommend the use of a header kit like the one shown in the video.  
  • The plug/socket will come populated with their signal contacts


If a hybrid solution (either the 80/20 or 220/20) is required, the power and/or coaxial contacts will still need to be crimped.  The customer supplied board will need a cutout for the power and/or coaxial patch cords to pass through.  We also recommend the use of headers to enable simple signal contact replacement.  (Review the assembly sheet below for more information.)

Example of an APEX PCB Assembly

Rugged, Aluminum Backshells

High Durability

Watch the video below to see what kind of beating the APEX backshell can take.

Backshell Options

Straight Through

Cabling is fed through the backshell at  180 degrees (straight through).

Right Angle

Cabling is fed through the backshell at a 90 degree angle so that it comes through the bottom of the backshell.

Easy Maintenance & Lifelong Value


Ease of Assembly and Maintenance

All styles allow ease of assembly by incorporating a cable clamp that remains in place when the cover is removed. This simplifies assembly and maintenance.


Strain Relief

Additionally, to ease the strain of use on the termination points of a crimped APEX socket or plug, you have the option of using a strain relief bracket as shown in the photo.

What Does Your APEX Look Like?

With its strong, rugged and robust design, APEX is the choice for “Real Life” test and measurement applications.
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