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Interconnect Solutions for Automated Test Applications

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SCOUT, an advanced form of Mass Interconnect for PXI automated test applications,  offers many benefits when compared to traditional ATE interface.  SCOUT’s unique differentiator is it’s proprietary use of the well developed Direct Access Kit (DAK) technology which offers a high level of performance, increased modularity, and easy integration and maintenance.  SCOUT’s expanding library of DAKs support over 950+ instrumentation from all the major instrument manufacturers.

Just Some of SCOUT’s Benefits


SCOUT with it’s reduction, and often times elimination, of cables offers the best PXI automated test interface performance.


SCOUT allows the user to switch  from one test to the next by using it’s modular approach to PXI ATE interfacing by using DAK technology.


SCOUT offers straight forward system upgrades, simplified system downtime and maintenance and EASY integration into a PXI test system build.

950 +

SCOUT featuring DAK (Direct Access Kit) connectivity supports well over 950 PXI instruments from many different manufacturers.

When Connector Performance and Durability Matter

APEX connectors are designed to provide optimum performance in small I/O test and measurement applications.  With a wide selection of I/O configurations and termination options, APEX is unmatched for strength, stability and performance when compared to the typical molded plastic alternatives.  APEX is designed to truly withstand the rigors of real-life applications.  When performance and durability are your primary metrics, APEX is the right choice.

Just Some of APEX’s Benefits


At the heart of APEX connector performance is it’s proprietary 1mm signal contacts which more than 300%
stronger than ordinary signal contacts found in the field of automated test.


When engineering APEX performance and durability were of upmost importance. APEX’s proprietary high grade polymer body and machined aluminum back shell combine easy of maintenance with durably and high performance.


With many different configurations to choose from including varying densities and the option to mount to PCB, APEX is one versatile connector.


Is APEX right for your application?  If so, try our easy to use APEX configurator to build a list of APEX components to suit your automated test application.



Wiring Services

MAC Panel’s wiring operations share the company’s dedication to providing quality interconnect solutions.  Our wiring services include wired boxes, wiring harnesses, and patch-cords


Engineering Services

Our engineering staff can provide all levels of support, from help with solutions all the way through to custom designing a turn-key interconnect solution to suit your specific automated test application



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