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Interconnect Solutions for Automated Test Applications

Repair or Replace?

Debating on whether to repair or replace an interconnect solution or even a whole test system is an issue that all Automated Test Engineers face often.  Watch this episode of MAC Panel test connect as we dive in to the pros and cons of repairing and replacing. 



Case Studies

Advanced Mass Interconnect for PXI Test Architecture


Advanced Aerospace and Defense test systems require an advanced interconnect approach. Learn more about Advanced Mass Interconnect.

Make Sure Your Time to Test Doesn't Slow You Down


Find out how MAC Panel helped dramatically reduce the time to test

Don't Get Let Down By Your Small I/O Connectors


See us put APEX to the test under some extrene situations so that we know if won’t let you down

Maintain Performance and Reduce Overall Build Time of ATE Interconnect


See how quickly a novice user of our Advanced Mass Interconect solution can assemble SCOUT

Mission Possible


With 11 identical test stations required, wires were out of the question.

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