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Additional Mounting Options

Mounting Options

In addition to the popular slide mounting shelves given in this hardware selector, we also offer customized mounting options that include bench top and vertical rack mounting.

Bench Top

SCOUT lends itself well to bench or tabletop applications; often associated with lab or engineering environments. Due to the unique nature of individual applications we typically offer custom mounting hardware to suit the specific project requirements. These designs take into account the SCOUT mounting and alignment requirements in addition to any placement, size or other structural requirements identified by the customer.

Vertical Rack Mounting

Easily build your ATE to support the user over the complete life cycle of mixed signal devices, from validation of first samples, characterization test and production test of housed parts. Enables you to build a “Zero Footprint” ATE design that is based on standard technologies including PXI, FPGA based reconfigurable instruments, a cable-less load board interface and integration.

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