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What is SCOUT?

SCOUT is an innovative pull-through Mass Interconnect solution specifically designed to deliver the full performance potential of the PXI platform at the ATE interface. SCOUT, featuring DAK (Direct Access Kit) connectivity, enables system designers to limit or eliminate traditional instrument cables by replacing them with DAK connection modules that utilise PCB, flex-circuit or short wire connections.

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Benefits Overview


DAKs designed with PCBs  incorporate comprehensive signal shielding for optimum performance.


Simply remove a DAK Assembly and replace it with another or swap a DAK Assembly from one system to another system.


Utilizing COTS DAKs means that when identical systems are in use each interface connection will be identical also, unlike when using cables.


Upgrading or maintaining an instrument, while using a DAK interface, will not affect anything else within the system.

Lead Time

Our research indicates a significant decrease in time-to-deployment when using a SCOUT solution over a cabled solutions.

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Case Studies



Together with Orbis Inc., MAC Panel saves customer time and money with SCOUT.

Military and Aerospace


With 11 identical test stations required, wires were out of the question…



Accelerate performance test deployment for automobile production…



Ensuring test interface reliability for flexible HV test systems

Value in SCOUT


Make Sure Your Time to Test Doesn’t Slow You Down

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Supporting 650+ Instruments

Learn About DAK Types


  • Comprehensive signal shielding
  • In-situ connection points that can be used to connect external resources
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Flex DAK

  • Same performance advantages of a PCB
  • Used in high density I/O Applications
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  • Typically used for power or RF applications
  • As with the other DAK designs, the connection length is 6”
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Hardware Options: Receivers

Mass Interconnect Receiver

A mounting frame for the connection modules and interface engagement mechanism. It’s effectively the core component of our mass interconnect socket. The receiver, also commonly referred to as an ICA, comes in many shapes and sizes from a 2 slot version all the way up to 50 slots with the capability of connecting 10,000 signals in one operation. Each slot can be fitted with a variety of modules to ensure that the configuration exactly matches the test system requirements.

Standard SCOUT

The standard SCOUT receiver is available in 11 and 21 slot configurations to suit your preferred PXI chassis. Mounting/alignment flanges are available for all the most popular brands and models of chassis.

Explore Standard Receivers

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For ATE systems with a lot of additional non-PXI resources, we offer the SCOUT XT. The XT has facilities for an additional 12 connector modules in the lower section of the receiver. A large selection of wired connector modules can be installed to provide the necessary resources. The XT section can accommodate up to 1600 signal connections, or a combination of signal, power and coax.

Explore XT Receivers

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Dual Tier SCOUT
ATE systems with two PXI chassis’ can benefit from both having the performance and cost advantages of SCOUT with a dual tier SCOUT receiver. Both chassis’ are able to connect to the receiver using DAK connection modules.




 Explore Dual Tier Receivers

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DAK Selector

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