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NGATS STA Field Support Kit (FSK)

MAC Panel was awarded the contract to provide the IEEE 1505 compliant Common Test Interface (CTI) and a production-ready Self Test Adapter (STA) to the primary defense contractor for the U.S. Army NGATS program. Since several of the NGATS systems and associated STAs were to be deployed throughout the globe, often times in harsh environments, effective STA depot-level maintenance and repair capability was needed. A well-organized approach to repair parts inventory and required tooling needed to be developed to meet maintenance, MTBF and system downtime objectives. NGATS maintenance processes dictated the need to test, troubleshoot and repair the STA and test system in a field environment.

MAC Panel developed customized Field Support Kits that met the following criteria:

  • Content inventory included parts and tooling needed to troubleshoot and repair the vast majority of potential failures
  • Kits had to be organized such that part numbers, bin locations and designation numbers were cross-referenced back to the associated technical manuals.
  • The kit enclosures must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of forward deployment.
  • Kit design had to provide expandability for future content changes and additions.

The final Field Support kits delivered to the program were housed in ruggedized Pelican cases. Within each case, compartments were created using high-density foam, and were cut precisely to contain the individual containers and tools. A content inventory list was laser-engraved on the inside of the container lid, which included bin number and container contents.

As of today, MAC Panel has provided over 50 kits in different variations throughout the US Army NGATS program. These customizable kits provide the ability to ensure efficient system troubleshooting, maintenance and repair through the life of the NGATS program.


  • Decreased system down time
  • Effective repair part inventory management and control
  • Ruggedized solution that will withstand harsh environments
  • Easily expandable as requirements and contents change
  • Long-term solution for the life of the NGATS program