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NGATS Self Test Adapter

From Prototype to Production

NGATS with Productionized STA

The NGATS STA (Self Test Adapter) system utilizes the MAC Panel CTI system as the interface. The primary Defense Contractor on the project selected MAC Panel to provide the STA as a complete assembly.

The first three units of the project were prototypes to validate the design. Because they were prototypes, the internal connections had to have the capability to be easily removed / routed / repositioned. This requirement dictated all internal connections would be wire wrapped terminations (see prototype NGATS image below).

After the validation process was completed, MAC Panel was asked to productionize the internal connections.

The NGATS program is projected to be a multiple station ATS system that will be in service for an extended period of time.

The objective of our productionized design was two fold. First, the wire wrapped connections had to be replaced with a termination system that would allow for an assembly line manufacturing process which would produce consistent performance results. Second, the STA had to be easily repairable in the field.

To accomplish these goals, printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies were used where possible and other cable terminations were designed for bench manufacturing utilizing crimp contacts and configured into cable assemblies wherever possible. Nine PCB assemblies were used in the final design to either replace wires or to provide disconnects to facilitate assembly/repair and maintenance.

In total over 1,000 + wires were removed by converting to printed circuit boards, all designed by MAC Panel Co. (see productionized NGATS STA images below).


  • Turn key design to customer specifications
  • 100 % electrical testing of final assembly
  • Complete documentation package
  • Cost effective end product
NGATS STA – Prototype to Production

NGATS Before