LIF Connectors

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Low Insertion Force Connectors!


LIF Connectors are a high performance electrical connector for high-density I/O applications. LIF Connectors feature a simple half turn engagement mechanism and support multiple signal, power and RF combinations with up to 260 I/O points per connector. LIF (Low Insertion Force) pin and socket connectors are a better performing, more rugged alternative to standard ZIF connectors.


Enhanced Electrical Performance

LIF Connectors use a specially designed hyperboloid pin and socket contact set. This robust contact set offers significantly enhanced

electrical performance over paddle spring contact sets available for similar high-density I/O connectors on the market. Our pin and socket contacts provide improved contact retention and are self-wiping, thus minimizing the potential for intermittence caused by shock and vibe or debris build up between contacts.

For signal and low amperage power requirements, we currently offer a signal contact set supports operating current up to 3 amps. Our micro-power contact set for higher amperage requirements supports operating current up to 23 amps. Our 50-ohm micro-coax contact set supports RF requirements with a rated frequency range up to 2 GHz and continuous operating current up to .5 amps.

Superior Durability

LIF Connectors are constructed of the same high quality materials used in high-end mass interface systems such as our SCOUT and TITAN lines. LIF Connector modules are built using a rugged dielectric composite epoxy reinforced with woven fiberglass. LIF Connector contacts are made of durable, electrically superior materials (BeCu or Brass 360) and plated with Gold (Au) over Nickel (Ni). LIF Connector modules and contacts are designed and tested to maintain high performance for a minimum of 20,000 engagement cycles.


LIF Connectors are available in a variety of standard configurations including three signal only variations providing 96, 156 or 260 signal positions. LIF is also available in multiple hybrid configurations that support power or RF applications by introducing power and coax contacts within the LIF form factor. LIF Hybrid Connectors are currently available in a smaller configuration providing 16 power or coax positions plus 16 signal positions and a larger configuration providing 18 power or coax positions plus 72 signal positions.

PCB Options

Leveraging on the superior electrical capabilities of printed circuit board assemblies, all LIF Connector configurations are available with a secondary contact set purpose-designed to allow efficient mounting of LIF receptacle sockets directly onto the surface of a PCB. By eliminating conventional cabling, PCB mounted LIF Connectors provide the best overall electrical performance while also offering easy integration and maintenance.


LIF Connectors are available with a variety of optional accessories including back shells, polarizing posts and protective covers. Molded plastic or cast aluminum back shells with strain relief brackets are available to provide protection for internal wiring and terminations. Polarizing posts provide up to 36 individual keying combinations prohibit the mating of incompatible/incorrect LIF plug and socket combinations. Protective covers are available to protect valuable electrical contacts while connectors are disengaged. Protective covers are made of premium Nylon 6-6 and include a bead chain to prevent loss and encourage use.


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