Memo:     July 6, 2020


To:             All employees


Re:             Health Insurance


We will have a meeting in the back parking lot at 10:15am on July 9 to discuss our upcoming health insurance policy renewal.  We we are staying with Cigna as our health insurance provider.  The dental provider is changing from Mutual of Omaha to Cigna.


The meeting is not mandatory, but there are some changes to premiums and to out of pocket expenses.  If you would like to hear about these changes or if you would like the opportunity to ask any questions, please attend.


There will be packets available for you to pick up whether you stay for the meeting or not.  If you do not get a packet for any reason, Tracey will have some available in her office.


Everyone is required to return an enrollment form to Tracey no later than Monday, July 13th.

Tracey Boggs
Office Manager

Interconnect Solutions and Services

T:  336.861.3100 Ext. 221     F:  336.861.6280