Why Choose SCOUT Express?

The SCOUT family of system interfaces from MAC Panel have become synonymous globally for their contributions to system value and performance by greatly reducing the need for cabling between the instruments and the system interface.

The latest family member, SCOUT EXPRESS, has been designed to maximize the performance potential of the Keysight TS-8989 system while offering users unprecedented scalability through it's highly configurable modular design.

A SCOUT EXPRESS Interface requires minimal system design and can be fully assembled and connected in just a few hours. Perhaps just as importantly, the interface can be fully reconfigured to suit different applications in less than an hour by simply removing and replacing the instruments and their DAK (Direct Access Kit) connection modules. This brings true system scalability to the factory floor as never seen before in ATE systems.

"SCOUT EXPRESS Is A High Performance System Interface For Keysight TS-8989 Test Systems."

The Modular Approach To SCOUT EXPRESS Offers Many Advantages Over Traditional Interfaces That Rely On Cable Connections


  • Available for both the PXI hybrid and the full width SLU versions of the TS-8989
  • Optimum signal performance with minimal losses that provide uniform performance from instrument to instrument and from system to system
  • No signal interference caused by cable crosstalk
  • Simplified system design and significantly reduced build time and costs
  • Only four DAK Designs required to meet the entire KEYSIGHT TS-8989 SLU range
  • SCOUT EXPRESS allows users to reconfigure a TS-8989 configuration in minutes
  • The ITA design makes use of COTS connectors to offer versatility and cost reduction

360 View: TS-8989 Chassis with SCOUT EXPRESS
SCOUT EXPRESS Disassembly From TS-8989

Direct Access Kits

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